Standard Music Service Information


Title of the Programme Detail  Occurs  Target Students Number of Learn to Rock Staff Hours per Week Requirements of the School
Curriculum Music Lessons All Music Curriculum

  • Planning:  Schemes, Lesson Plans, Resources
  • Delivery
  • Assessment


Training for classroom teachers also available within a collaborative process in teaching

During the school day Early Years/

Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2


1 tutor per school class As required by Schools Adequate classroom space

Interactive whiteboard where possible

Piano/ Keyboard

Classroom Percussion instruments

One to One or One to Small Group Instrumental/ Vocal Music Tuition  Instrument tuition available on any of the following instruments:


Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano/ Keyboard, Voice, Classical Guitar, Brass Instruments, Selected Woodwind Instruments

Ukeleli, Combi Bells, Recorders, Ocarina

Either during the school day

ORAs part of an extended school provision-  pre-school, lunchtime or after the school day

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

1 tutor on a one to one basis 20, 30, 45 or 60 min lesson


Or one tutor per maximum of up to 4 students in any 30 minute session.

As requested by the school Learn to Rock will provide Drums Electric and Bass Guitars, amplifiers and associated specialist equipment for use on school premises only.


All other instruments need to be provided by the school or parents.

Vocal Coaching Class based vocal tuition

All boys choirs

All girls choirsMixed Choirs

Specialist small vocal ensembles:

Duet/ Trio work

Work towards special event musicals, e.g. Christmas and Summer Performances

Working with choirs for renowned music festivals and competitions

During school time

Lunchtimes or pre-school or after school

Or as one off projects

Any student Early Years/ Foundation stage to Key Stage 2 1 tutor for up to 35 students in any one session As requested by the school 35 students and above requires a teaching assistant present or the class teacher regardless of whether the choir runs during school or as part of the extended school work
World Drumming  Djembe Drumming

Samba Drumming

Bamboo Tamboo (Key Stage 2 ONLY)


During School or after School

Or as one off projects

Key Stage 1 and 2 students


Up to15 students per 1 hr session

1 Learn to Rock tutor 1 hour per week or project days/ weeks Large space, e.g. Hall or large classroom
Music Technology (Composing, Sequencing, Editing and Recording)  Students learn skills in:

1.  Composition and Sound Exploration

2.  Setting up a recording studio

3. Using various music software programmes to record MIDI, Audio, Edit and Mix to CD4.  IPAD Music Technology

During orafter School Key Stage 1 and 2 students 1 tutor and 1 support tutor per 15 students 1 hour Large space, e.g. Hall or large classroom
 Learn to Rock Junior Programme   All students learn technical and musical skills on all of the following instruments each week on a rota system for 2 x 12 week terms:

Bass and Electric Guitar


Popular Vocals

From term 3 students are grouped into small bands where the emphasis is on learning their favourite bands covers, song writing and developing improvisation skills

After School Key Stage 2 years 4,5 and 6 ONLY



3 tutors 1.5 Three suitable teaching spaces

One space with Piano or Keyboard where possible

Space for Learn to Rock to bring and store a Drum kit, small amplifiers and electric / bass guitars and CD players