Student Testimonials

Burley and Woodhead C of E Primary School: Great Reviews About Our African Rhythm and Dance Day

Some of the Learn to Rock tutors recently visit Burley and Woodhead C of E Primary School In Ilkley to provide an African Rhythm and Dance project for the Year 6 children. Have a look at what they thought of the day:

My favourite thing was Tamboo Bamboo because all the sticks put together made a wonderful sound and because it wasn’t too hard or too easy



I really enjoyed the whole day especially the drumming and Tamboo Bamboo because there were lots of rhythms to play and listen to, Thanks to Learn to Rock for coming in I really enjoyed it



I liked the drums because they were easy to play and sounded fantastic, but most of all I had great fun learning to play, thanks to Learn to Rock



I enjoyed the drumming and the Zumba because of the routines we did and it was really exciting music



More student testimonials:

I love Learn to Rock because of the variety.  At school we got the chance to learn Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and Keyboards.  My favourite instrument was the Electric Guitar because there is loads to learn and it never gets boring.  I also liked the Bass Guitar.  The teachers are really fun and they understand when you find it hard.

Myah, Year 5, Learn to Rock Junior Programme Student, Burley Oaks Primary School, Ilkley


I liked Learn to Rock because I don’t play any other instruments and I could learn a lot of new things.  I especially liked Bass Guitar and found that easiest.  We got to play different songs that we already knew and that was good.

Ciaran Year 5, Learn to Rock Junior Programme Student, Burley Oaks Primary School, Ilkley


I have really enjoyed every single instrument especially the keyboard.  The teachers are really nice and never get bossy.  They help you if you are stuck it has been really good fun.

Isobel Year 5,Learn to Rock Junior Programme Student, Burley Oaks Primary School, Ilkley


I stated Learn to Rock 5 years ago and it has been the greatest experience.  I have truly enjoyed every lesson and band rehearsal.  Not only is it fun to do in my spare time but it has really boosted my confidence in my singing and generally which still helps me with things such as public speaking which is very similar to singing to an audience.

I have learnt so much about Music and different genres and also had an experience of being in the Music industry when we as a band, ‘Between the Lines’ released two CDs using real recording equipment and software.

Learn to Rock is open to all people of all ages bring out the musical talent from kids and I now see it as a big part of my life.

Maaria Weller, Vocal Student with ‘Between the Lines’, aged 13, Ilkley


I come to Learn to Rock each week to do Bass and Drum lessons and I have had my own band, ‘Ark Eye’ with Learn to Rock for 3 years we used to be called ‘D Lux’.

In Drum lessons I love learning everything.  We work on grade exam stuff as well as jamming to songs of my favourite bands and I learn particular Drum techniques for different genres and band styles.

At the moment I am learning the Drum part to ‘Animals’ by Muse which is really difficult because it is in five beats per bar.

Band is brilliant because we are taught by Jonny who is an amazing guitarist who helps us to make our own songs.  Me and the other boys in the band like it so much we always get together on weekends at my house to practice what we learn in band.

I would say to everyone who is interested in playing an instrument or being in a band to join Learn to Rock.  It has helped to keep me focussed and make lots of new friends and helped my confidence get better.

Jack Hendy, Drum and Bass Student, Drummer with ‘Ark Eye’ aged 12, Ilkley


I have been doing Learn to Rock for five years in band and learning the Bass Guitar and it has really helped me to focus and improve my confidence.

I really enjoy band as it has helped me to improve my composition skills when we write our songs and my lessons have helped me improve my music reading skills and organisation.

I have made a massive improvement since I started having lessons and they are fun but I still get a lot done.  Coming to Learn to Rock has helped me to develop as a person and has taught me skills I wouldn’t have got from anywhere else like team building, listening and appreciating other people’s views as well as specific music skills like song writing, improvisation and getting better on my instrument which will help my personal development in the future.

Lara Smart, Bass Guitar Student with ‘Between the Lines’, aged 13, Ilkley


Thanks to Learn to Rock I have been given so many opportunities that, without the help of staff, I would never have been able to experience!

One of my personal highlights of being a part of Learn to Rock was when my band, ‘Feedback’ were asked to play at ‘Good Fest’ a new up and coming festival organised by students at York University last summer in July 2013.  We were honoured to support the band ‘Young Kato’ – who are becoming huge in terms of TV and radio promotion, and local phenomenon ‘Glass Caves’ who are super talented.  The whole event was something I’ll never forget and I’m so privileged to have been able to listen and learn from bands more advanced than my own.

In terms of a standard Learn to Rock session we had even more facilities at our feet. With recording equipment and skilled producers/musicians we were able to write and mix our own tracks.

Writing songs and learning the art of creating songs was something I particularly enjoyed as it allowed me to challenge my own musical ability while learning more about my style of writing – it helped me to build on my improvisational skills.

Working in a team can be testing when everyone has different ideas and styles, therefore, having a band mentor to guide us really helped our band to ‘gel’ and we took on board as much advice as we could get.

As well as growing in our musicality, I can speak for myself in saying that my interpersonal/listening skills and confidence rocketed during my time at Learn to Rock and I have made friendships for life.

Learn to Rock is like a family and this is a social element that makes the company so unique when comparing it to other music programmes.

I even found myself getting a job here which is definitely a bonus!

If I could relive my memories at Learn to Rock I would a million times over – the laughter and musicianship evident between staff and band members are things difficult to find anywhere else!

Katie Hilton, Bass Guitarist with ‘Feedback’ aged 17, Bradford


My experience at Learn to Rock has been a great one.  I learn the Electric Guitar with Jonny who is an amazing teacher.  I have passed my grade 3 with a distinction and am now working on my grade 4.  I enjoy working with the band at Learn to Rock as we learn lots of new things like song writing and improvisation and how to play well as a band.  There are also lots of performing opportunities at the concerts we do and the big gigs we do as well.  The feeling of playing with other band members is great.

Matthew Hall, Electric Guitarist with ‘Ark Eye’ aged 12, Ilkley


Attending Learn to Rock both in having Bass Guitar lessons and being part of the Learn to Rock band sessions has helped me become an accomplished musician.

In my Bass lessons I was challenged in every lesson I had, always being pushed to play harder and harder pieces to continuously improve my playing technique and musicality.

Playing in the Learn to Rock bands gave me invaluable skills that I still use in my University studies and any music related work I receive, but has also allowed me to meet other great musicians and friends who I am still in contact with today.

The band sessions put you in a situation where you have to listen to the playing styles of other musicians which makes you adapt what and how you are playing to fit the band; it also gives you a chance to begin writing and recording your own original material and encourages self-promotion and ‘Gigging’ outside of the formal and informal learning at Learn to Rock to further your performing experience.

Being in a fun environment around lots of other Pop musicians took my bass playing to the next level and prepared me for a career in music.

Maccauley Haywood:  Bass Guitar student 2007-2013

Now an Undergraduate Student at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester


I began learning Bass Guitar with Learn to Rock when I was 13 years old.  Now as an adult aged 22 years old I am still learning and with the same teacher!

Learn to Rock really has changed the way I look at and consider Music from developing the areas for improvement in my playing to improving my strengths.  My tutor Alison is easy to talk to and has a great understanding on how to communicate Musical ideas to me and I would assume all her students.  Since I started learning, my Bass playing has come on in leaps and bounds and has made me the Bassist I am today. 

In lessons I focus on technique development as well as Musical aspects relating directly to solo Bass playing.  I am the Bassist with several bands outside of Learn to Rock and I regularly take grooves and riffs that we are working on in my bands to my Bass lessons so that Alison can help me develop the musical ideas and help me to understand how to develop them.  I am always amazed at how together we can make a simple groove or riff sound fantastic and actually how a skilful teacher can help me become skilled at developing my own ideas.

I would highly recommend Learn to Rock to anyone of any skill level, beginner to advanced to start learning with any one of the Learn to Rock tutors.  Each week you will look forward to your lesson and taking on board the wealth of material you will learn.

Nicholas Doyle, Bass Guitar:  Adult Student