About Our Tuition

What Instrument Can My Child Learn to Play?

The Learn to Rock team provides high quality tuition on the following instruments:

  • Keyboard
  • Piano
  • Electric Guitar
  • Classical Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Saxophone
  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Drums
  • Trumpet
  • Cornet
  • Euphonium
  • Trombone
  • Tuba
  • Classical Vocals
  • Rock Vocals
  • Pop Vocals
  • Music Theatre Vocals

Where do Lessons Take Place?

Lessons take place at our partner schools throughout Yorkshire.  For information about lessons at your local school with Learn to Rock please sign into your local school for details.

If your local school is not listed we provide lessons for children and adults at our central venues.  For more information please visit What’s on at your child’s school?

Lesson Length

Our lessons are on a one to one basis and parents can opt for lessons lasting:  20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes.

Does My Child Have to be a Certain Age to Learn?

We teach children ranging in age from 4 to 18 years old.  Our tutors are skilled in differentiating their teaching to suit the ages and interests of individual students.

Can Adults Learn Too?

We also teach Adults!  So if you feel you missed your chance as a child or if you played an instrument in your childhood years and would like to pick it back up again or would just like to give learning an instrument a go, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We have many adults who learn with us!

What is Studied in the Lessons?

Students learn the appropriate technique for their instrument, all aspects of musicality and musicianship and ensemble performing skills.

We bespoke the teaching and learning to suit the musical tastes of each individual student.  We develop our own technology resources to ensure that the learning in the lessons and as part of practice at home is interactive with all learning contextualised within a real musical scenario.


Any student learning any instrument or the voice with us will be encouraged to take graded examinations on the instrument.  Our tutors are highly trained in exam preparation and offer support and guidance for students wishing to take exams with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Trinity/Guildhall, London College of Music and Rock School (Trinity College of Music, London).  Our older students do and have taken diploma examinations.  We also offer support for any of our post grade 8 students to take performance and teaching diploma examinations.

Band Programmes

At Learn to Rock students can also enrol to take part in our Band programmes.

Once a week at our central venues we provide the opportunity for students to work for up to 90 minutes in a band.  Our band coaches guide the students with band performance techniques, improvisation and song writing.


As part of the programme students learn to perform cover songs of their favourite bands.  As student instrumental and vocal skills develop the band pieces becoming more challenging.  Students are also trained and guided in developing leadership skills within their small bands.  Here students are encouraged to pick their own songs, we then arrange the songs for the band and the students are helped to direct the band performing their own choice of song.

Song Writing

Within the band scenario students are guided in the art of song writing in a range of different styles with the intention of the bands performing their own original material.


Within their bands, students are tutored to develop improvisation skills on their chosen instrument.  We focus on moving away from printed music and help students to develop an aural approach to performing contemporary popular music.  Initially, we look at rhythmic improvisation and gradually move onto Blues and Modal types of improvisation.


There are various performance opportunities during the course of each year where we showcase the ongoing work of the students.  Students are encouraged, in a highly supportive environment, to build team skills, gain confidence and raise their self-esteem and have great fun with creative music making whilst developing into first class popular performers and composers.

In the past out students have performed at some fantastic venues:  Kings Hall in Ilkley, the Utopia Club in Bradford (here we hired the venue for an evening and staged our own private performance function for students aged between 10 and 18 this enabled the students to gain the experience of performing at a ‘real’ nightclub within a safe environment), York University and in the summer of 2014 we have been invited to provide some bands to perform at venues for the Tour de France.