Planning, delivery and assessment

The Philosophy Influencing Learn to Rock Planning

One of our unique selling points is that all of the curricula we provide to schools at any level, features original planned work.

We do not use published schemes of work. Instead we develop bespoke schemes of work which cover all aspects of the Music, Drama and Dance National Curriculum (included within Literacy and PE) and the Common Approach guidance for instrument and vocal lessons and DFE guidance for Dance Education.

Our schemes of work are tailored to suit the needs of individual schools and the prior learning experiences of the students.

All planning undertaken by the Learn to Rock teachers is produced in collaboration with specialists in the field and school based teachers to ensure that the planning is comprehensive, relevant and stimulating whilst featuring innovative teaching and learning styles.


The fundamental challenges that we at Learn to Rock are constantly aiming to achieve through our philosophy impacting on planning and delivery of all the programmes we offer are identified below:

  1. How our programmes of study work to promote inclusion and how this works in practice
  2. How we balance the planning and delivery of our programmes to ensure that gifted and talented children are constantly being challenged whilst ensuring that our work supports those children with identified and unidentified individual needs
  3. How we plan and utilise innovative resources and the most contemporary teaching and learning styles to ensure an individual approach to student learning
  4. How the planning and delivery of all of our programmes facilitates student ownership in learning thereby increasing independence in learning, in turn promoting the rate of progress
  5. How we can contribute to community cohesion through the extra-curricular programmes we offer


We operate a comprehensive assessment policy for all the work we provide in schools.

Our assessment procedures form part of an ongoing assessment for learning and are used in conjunction with students to provide feedback and agree targets in order for the teacher to plan with the student what they need to work on next to ensure the continuous promotion of their skills and knowledge.

Our assessment mechanisms are currently devised to provide schools with an overall judgement about how well the students are progressing in line with the National Curriculum levels.

We have also produced our own policy document for ‘Assessing without Levels’ for all Key Stages which will come into effect from September 2014.