About our service to schools

Music and Performing Arts

Learn to Rock provides music and performing arts programmes with all age ranges from birth to post sixteen.  We are committed to ensuring that we follow the Every Child Matters principles in all aspects of our work.  Our researchers develop schemes of work for all key stages within which we follow the principles outlined by the DfE.

A summary of our programmes on offer to schools and parents through schools is as follows:

  • Music Curriculum Provision for Early Years/ Foundation Stage to Post 16 (including GCSE, A Level and BTEC Performing Arts)
  • Extra-Curricular Music Programmes
  • Performing Arts Programmes
  • Holiday School Programmes

Objectives and Ethos

Learn to Rock is fully committed to implementing the Government’s principles for standards in Music and Performing Arts at all Key Stages of learning

We adopt the principle of ensuring that students of all ages in any of our central or school based programmes enjoy the education work we provide and make good progress.

Essentially, we hope to encourage students to develop a passion for learning about and participating in music and performing arts using a variety of teaching and learning styles that might not typically be experienced in the standard school curriculum.

We very much encourage students to develop independence in their learning thereby resulting in them developing greater ownership of learning.  We have found that this approach typically results in students making progress at a faster rate than as might usually be the case when employing ‘traditional’ methods of tuition whilst concurrently students’ self-esteem is raised and confidence gained.

One of the most important objectives of Learn to Rock is to allow each and every student to explore music and performing arts in a supportive environment where a principle emphasis is on helping students to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, team building skills, communication, creativity and imagination.

Our key aim is that each student, each week, has fun, makes friends, becomes confident and experiences the ‘feel good’ factor whilst being expressive through performance be that through music and the arts.