Requesting a Service

Requesting a Preliminary Meeting with a Learn to Rock Consultant

If you wish to proceed with a further exploratory or consultative meeting with a Learn to Rock consultant you need to contact us to arrange a meeting.  This can be done by email at admin@learntorock.co.uk or by calling the Learn to Rock office on 01944 768724.  The meeting is free of charge and you can address your schools needs collaboratively with the education consultant and determine whether or not you feel that our service may be of use to your schools need.

The Service Level Agreement

If you wish to proceed with a booking you will discuss your requirements with your consultant who will then complete a Learn to Rock Service Level Agreement.  This is a formal contract which identifies your request, sets out the Learn to Rock terms and conditions and provides the detail of the exact provision you would like for your school.


The fees for our service vary according to the programme you wish to broker in.  Please contact us for further details of fees, by telephone:  01944 768724 or email us: admin@learntorock.co.uk

Booking Procedures

To book one of our education programmes you need to complete the Service Level Agreement form with your consultant who will place a formal booking request on your behalf.

The Next Stages

Once we receive the completed Service Level Agreement we will arrange a further meeting with you, if necessary, to identify your exact requirements to enable us to bespoke the education programme.  We will agree the start date and you will be informed of the monitoring dates and other key dates concerned with your request.