Quality Assurance

Learn to Rock Staff Monitoring

All Learn to Rock staff are monitored by a Learn to Rock consultant once every term.  The monitoring includes a pre-monitoring meeting with the member of staff concerned followed by a visit to see the member of staff at work on a project in a school.  The member of staff is provided with brief feedback on site which is followed up by a detailed debriefing back at the Learn to Rock office.  As part of the monitoring process the following areas are addressed:

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Planning
  • Classroom management and behaviour
  • Monitoring and assessment
  • Student learning and progress
  • Teaching strengths
  • Areas that the students may have responded or learned better

The lesson is then graded according to OfSTED descriptors regarding the quality of teaching and learning.  A programme of CPD is provided and compulsory for all the Learn to Rock teachers.  The CPD is based upon generic staff development needs and individual staff development needs as identified through the performance management programme.

Learn to Rock Staff Performance Management

All Learn to Rock staff undergo performance management each year.  This Performance Management is a formalised continuous learning and development process for the staff involved.

Learn to Rock Staff CPD

All Learn to Rock staff under-go an intensive training programme with qualified and experienced teachers/ practicing popular musicians and university researchers prior to commencing work with Learn to Rock.  The training programme has been devised and is continually being developed by practicing musicians, university researchers and music teachers to ensure that the Learn to Rock staff understand and practice the highest standards of teaching in music education.  The training programme addresses contemporary concepts in teaching and learning with the obvious focus on Music and Performing Arts Teaching and Learning.