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Dixons Music Primary Concert Highlights

Posted: 14/12/14

It was a fantastic concert on Friday 12 December at DMP. The children’s performance skills are becoming more and more professional each concert and the quality of their Musical performance is spectacular. These children are 5 and 6 years old. Here are some highlights.

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Ilkley Boy Band ‘Ark Eye’ have got their next song almost polished

Posted: 10/12/14

Ilkley boy band ‘Ark Eye’ have now got their next song in place have a listen to the two recording below. The boys are really working hard now on establishing a unique sound and I am really pleased with their professional approach. George, the boys band coach, has said once they have 5 original songs that he will be organising […]

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Foxhill Band Sounded Great at the Dress Rehearsal

Posted: 08/12/14

Wow have a listen to our year 5 and 6 Rock Band at Foxhill Primary School. Today we were dress rehearsing for the concert next Monday and their rendition of this popular Christmas concert was fantastic!

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Dixons Music Primary Musical Theatre Performances

Posted: 03/12/14

We had a great day today at Dixons Music Primary working on the Musical Theatre Performances with the children. Here are some highlights of the day.

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Ilkley Boy Band Ark Eye Perform their New Song

Posted: 02/12/14

Wow, this evening I recorded Ark Eye’s first full performance of their new song…. It really is excellent. The boys are well on their way to getting a set of 5 songs ready for their first band support gig in Leeds during the Spring. Check here next week to have a sneak preview of their next song.

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