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Ilkley Students Preparing for Graded Exams

Posted: 28/01/15

It’s the time now that students are preparing for their Easter and Summer session graded exams. We have many students in Ilkley preparing for a range of exams grades 1 to 8 with several Music examination providers. We will be tracking students until the summer now so we can show the progress they are making in their exam work. Some […]

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Foxhill Year 3 Drummers

Posted: 27/01/15

It was another great rehearsal yesterday with the Year 3 Foxhill drummers. They have been learning how to play 16th beats. Then we extended this learning by looking at how to incorporate Parradiddles in a 16th beat pattern. To take this even further I got some students to use the Toms for half bar fills and for the ends if […]

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Jack and Reece are working on Latin Drumming

Posted: 20/01/15

One of the most complex styles to drum is Latin. The rhythms are very tight but a laid back feel is needed and that combination is never easy. Add to this that characteristic double Bass Drum pattern at a fast tempo and you have to be a great drummer to achieve precision. Some Drum tutors avoid Latin styles until students […]

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Year 1 Drumming at Dixons Music Primary

Posted: 18/01/15

One of our gifted and talented students at Dixons Music Primary made outstanding progress on Friday in his Drum lesson with Mr Hill. He has been working on playing Grooves with a selection of Fills in tempo. Typically we might expect a Year 1 student to compose Fills using crotchets or quavers but this student excelled in understanding the concepts […]

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Tracking a Year 3 Drummer

Posted: 13/01/15

We are tracking one of our very gifted Year 3 drummers this term. This student has been learning Drums for 15 months now and is making remarkable progress. At Learn to Rock we run a Peer Mentoring scheme where invite older students work with younger students. This type of work has many benefits to the learning of the younger student […]

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Drum Work Reece

Posted: 04/01/15

I am taking Reece to the next level of his Drum playing. Here he is for the first time playing Smooth by Santana. Watch this space over the next few weeks as we work in progressively more difficult Grooves and Fills for this song.

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Bass Guitar Work: Jack

Posted: 04/01/15

We will be tracking Jack Hendy over the next few months as he prepares for his Grade 4 Bass Guitar exam. Here we see him performing one if his pieces for the first time with the backing track.

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