Foxhill Year 3 Drummers

Posted: 27/01/15

It was another great rehearsal yesterday with the Year 3 Foxhill drummers.

They have been learning how to play 16th beats. Then we extended this learning by looking at how to incorporate Parradiddles in a 16th beat pattern.

To take this even further I got some students to use the Toms for half bar fills and for the ends if the Parradiddles…..thus is really difficult!!!

Remember these guys are 7 and 8 years old as well!!!!

In terms of fills I really have pushed these guys this last 3 weeks and they have mastered the art of triplet fills with the Bass Drum on the last quaver beat.

As if that wasn’t hard enough I tried them all learning semi quaver triplet fills and they really got it!

The video extract is our first attempt at putting this all together.

Have a look and see if you can spot all those brilliant techniques being played.

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