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Gareth and Alison Jamming to Build a Solo Vocabulary

Posted: 31/01/17

Here we see Gareth in year 13, who is working towards his Rockschool Bass Guitar Diploma, jamming to develop a solo vocabulary for some of his chosen pieces.

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More Brilliant Year 4 Drumming

Posted: 29/01/17

Here we see one of our fantastic Year 4 boys in his lesson with Alison. He was working on constructing one bar fills using Toms and Bass Drum. His grooves were focused in developing a standard pop beat into a Latin flavoured groove by incorporating the Toms.

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Alison and Jack Grooving using Parradiddles

Posted: 26/01/17

Here we see Alison working with Jack, in Year 11, on developing a Steve Gadd Parradiddle exercise and experimenting with Inverted Parradiddles using a Latin style double Bass Drum beat and use of Toms. This principle will feed into one of the solo sections for the Rockschool grade 8 piece Drum piece ‘Meet Darth Ear’.

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Fantastic Winter Session Exam Results

Posted: 09/01/17

Well done to all of our students who took graded instrument and singing exams in December. The results were fantastic!   Name of Student Year Group Exam Board Instrument Grade Result             Caitlin Robson 4 Rockschool Drums Debut 92 Distinction William Wood 7 Rockschool Drums Grade 1 97 Distinction Torrell Brankin 13 Rockschool Bass Grade […]

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