Fantastic Summer Session Exam results

Posted: 03/10/17

Well done to everyone who took Music exams this summer.

Great results all round.

Well done students and tutors for all the hard work and effort which goes into preparing for the exams.


Exam Results

Summer Session 2017

Name of Student Year Group Exam Board Instrument Grade Result

Sam Evans 5 Associated Board Classical Guitar 3 Distinction
Rory Andrews 4 Associated Board Classical Guitar 2 Distinction
Lisa Andrews 5 Associated Board Classical Guitar 3 Distinction
James Bolling 9 Rockschool Electric Guitar 7 Merit
Ben Feather 4 Rockschool Electric Guitar 3 Distinction
Jamie Fellows 5 Rockschool Bass Guitar 5 Distinction
Rebecca Meadows 10 Rockschool Bass Guitar 6 Distinction
Lara Smart 12 Rockschool Bass Guitar 6 Merit

Rory Bruce 5 Rockschool Drums 1 Merit
Archie Budding 3 Rockschool Drums 1 Pass
Max Overend 6 Rockschool Drums 3 Merit
Jake Barrett 4 Rockschool Drums Debut Distinction
Caitlin Robson 4 Rockschool Drums 1 Merit
Toby Copeland 4 Rockschool Drums 1 Merit
William Wood 7 Rockschool Drums 2 Merit
Jonny Clegg 10 Rockschool Drums 7 Merit

Sam Roberts 3 Associated Board Piano Preparatory
Jessica Brown 7 Associated Board Piano 6 Distinction
Amelia Rudding 8 Associated Board Piano 7 Merit
Sam Travis 9 Associated Board Piano 7 Merit
Ruby Evans 11 Associated Board Piano 7 Distinction
Millie Home 12 Associated Board Piano 8 Distinction

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