Jack is Learning to Teach and Reece Continues to Make Outstanding Progress

Posted: 15/09/15

We are now coaching Jack in Year 10 on some basic Drum kit teaching techniques.

Over the forthcoming year Jack will be working with Alison and selected younger students and learning some basic Drum teaching techniques.

Reece in Year 4 is the first student we are working with and it is unbelievable the progress he is making.

Yesterday was the third training session and Jack was working in how to warm a student up according to their ability and present technical and musical ability.

I was helping Jack to understand how to make baseline assessments and then how to plan and develop technical warm ups which will consolidate and strengthen the students present technical ability.

We then talked about how to extend technical ability through the warm up regime.

We then planned how you incorporate aspects from the technical warm ups into a groove or a piece that the student is working on at any given stage.

So Reece here can be seen copying some quite complex semi quaver triplet fills around the Toms at a fast tempo.

We then worked on sections from a piece by Muse.

We worked in perfecting individual sections of the song out of context at slower tempi gradually increasing the speed and eventually playing with the backing track.

As part of this I discussed with Jack and Reece the concept of taking a groove from a song and becoming confident with the groove.

We achieved this yesterday with one of the grooves from the Muse song.

We took the groove out of context, learnt the groove slowly, built up the speed, developed the groove with varying Bass and Snare patterns and finally adding fills.

The fills we added included some if the semi quaver triplet fills from the warm ups.

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