Tracking Year 3 Students at Dixons Music Primary

Posted: 18/09/15

Our Year 3 students at Dixons Music Primary have embarked learning on their first study instruments this week.

Children are receiving lessons on a variety of instruments including: Piano, Keyboard, Drum kit, Classical, Electric and Bass Guitar, Tuned Percussion, Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone.

We will be tracking students as they learn this year.

Here is one of our fabulous Year 3 Drummers. This student had Drum lessons in Year 2 and is making great progress.

Here we see him using the Hi Hat foot pedal for the first time in conjunction with his Snare, Floor Tom and Bass Drum. So he is moving all four limbs at once which takes great coordination.

The first video extract shows him practicing the basic groove. Look how quickly into the second video extract that he was able to add some semi quaver fills at the end of the phrase. All in great tempo as well!!

Watch this space as we work with him towards the Christmas Concert and beyond. This particularly gifted and very hard working student has also started Saxophone this week and this term we will be featuring him and his Year 3 classmates as they learn.

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