Beni Parradiddles Part 3

Posted: 05/11/14

Over the last few weeks we have been featuring Beni in Year 7 on the Drums as he prepares for his Rockschool Grade 4 exam.

As part of this exam, Parradiddles play a big role in terms of extending a students’ technical ability.

It is really challenging to get Parradiddles fast and sound even and smooth.

To that end I always make a big feature of working with Parradiddles in my lessons as part of the warm up routines in order for students to experience and master this technique before having to contextualise it within a technical exercise or a piece.

Beni has worked superbly on mastering this technique and here we see part 3 of the regime where he has learnt three Parradiddle patterns featuring the HiHat, Toms and Ride Cymbal.

Once Beni could move smoothly between the three patterns I extended his learning and asked him to insert link fills and encouraged his concentration more deeply by playing a groovy little distracting Bossa Nova pattern over his Parradiddles.

Have a look and listen to how well he did.

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