Grade 8 Bass Guitar this Week

Posted: 13/11/14

This week two of our top Grade 8 Bass Guitar students have been working on a simple groove using E min, D maj, C man and B7.

We applied a Flamenco accompaniment alternating with a nice Bossa Nova pattern.

In the video extracts below we see Katie experimenting with dissonance and resolution ( as Mrs Baker teaches to our little ones notes that are friends and not friends) in her improvised melody line. I encouraged her to make notes that clashed.

Katie is playing an upper register Bass melody and next week we will move to combining a lower pitched melodic groove with answer phrases in a higher register.

Gareth is mixing some nice Blue notes with a modal twist and I worked with him to experiment using additive rhythms. Gareth incorporates accompanimental grooves with upper register solo’s.

In his next lesson we will be working in how the skills from today can be applied to one of his Rockschool grade 8 pieces.

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