Katie and Jack Perform a Grade 8 Piece

Posted: 13/06/14

Again collaborative learning today.

This week Katie in Year 12 and Jack in Year 8 played Nosso Samba together. This is a Latin piece from the Rock School Grade 8 syllabus.

Very difficult to get the ‘feel’ but these guys worked immensely together and never having played together before I was so impressed with them!

What’s more one if our Electric Guitar tutors the very talented Jonny Greenwood will be playing with Jack and Katie at our Ilkley Showcase Performance on Saturday 12 July.

That is something not to be missed. Each one if these performers is very talented and to say that the students will hold their own with Jonny is an understatement!

I can’t wait to hear it all together!

It was truly a pleasure today working with these guys. So young but so naturally professional not to mention musical!

I’m a lucky teacher to have such amazing talent like this to work with.

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