Our Year 1 Dixons Music Primary Drum Students

Posted: 08/11/14

We had a great day on Thursday at DMP in our Drum lessons as we continued to prepare for our Christmas concert on Friday 12 December.

Two of our Year 2 students were working on their grade 4 renditions of Noisy Neighbour as can be seen on the video below.

But one of our Year 2 students performed superbly to a very special visitor who was looking round the school. See the video below.

This was a bit of pressure for this particular student as it was the first time he had played his piece with the backing track.

Although he was a bit nervous performing in front of Mrs Long, Mrs Foley and the visitor he played marvellously and I was very very proud of him.

He got 5 special stickers at the end of the lesson.

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