Reece : End of Term Achievements on Bass and Drums

Posted: 21/10/14

Reece has had a great term!

Check out the videos below to see how far he has come on Bass and Drums.


Today in Drums we have been perfecting a middle section for his school Drum Group Concert piece.

Here we see Reece having learnt a really great Latin feel groove cleverly using semi quavers and giving the effect of syncopation by varying the strikes on the rims and skins of the Snare Drum and Floor Tom.

I also introduced the strike rim shot to Reece today and without hesitation he mastered it almost immediately and then featured it as part of his solo sections seen on the video clip.


Today I taught Reece three new notes: C, F, G. He can now play grooves using all the notes he has learn this term: C,F,G,A,E,D and top G.

Here we see him locking with a drum backing track and playing a great Bluesy type groove using C,F,G.

Outstanding achievements for a 7 year old in 7 weeks of learning this half term!

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